Signal Your Turn, Its the Law!

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SQ Attorneys

The Washington State Supreme Court has spoken – always use your turn signal to change lanes or make a turn. There are no exceptions, period. Failure to use your turn signal when required is a traffic infraction. Of course, the issue arose when someone was stopped and later cited for DUI. The driver had signaled his lane change to get into a ‘left hand turn only’ lane, but he failed to signal the actual left-turn thereafter. The lower courts were split as to whether the law required such an additional turn signal, especially because the law states we all must signal our turns or lane changes continuously at least 100 feet before the move. The Supreme Court cleared the issue up by saying – due to safety reasons – ALL turns and lane changes must first be expressed by using our turn signals. Who knows, the ruling may be ‘result oriented’ in that the court was more concerned about ensuring someone driving DUI didn’t ‘get off,’ but regardless, the ruling stands for itself – any lane change or turn on our roadways must first be signaled … and it must be done so continuously for at least 100ft. Happy (and safe) travels everyone.

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