Second Amendment in Peril?


SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys 

Oregon is set to decide, at least in one court, whether Oregon’s gun law approved by Oregon voters last November violates Oregon’s constitution. This is of importance because Oregon passed one of the strictest gun laws in the United States after the US Supreme Court, last year, issued a ruling that changed guidance for judges considering cases impacted by (or impacting) the Second Amendment. The ruling tossed aside a balancing test that judges were required to use when deciding whether to uphold gun laws.

Oregon’s law now requires people to not only undergo criminal background checks (like Washington) but also complete a gun safety training course to obtain a permit to buy a gun. The law (like Washington’s) also bans high-capacity magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Ten other states in the union now have permit-based gun laws. Washington, as noted above, is not currently one of these states.  However, with how volatile the issue has become, is permit-based gun purchasing on the horizon?

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