Private Defense Counsel or Appointed Counsel?

Individuals who are charged with a crime, may be eligible for appointed counsel or for assistance through a public defender’s office. When a defendant petitions for a court-appointed lawyer, the trial judge will typically make an analysis of the defendant’s resources to determine if the defendant will qualify for an appointment of a lawyer or whether the defendant must hire a Seattle criminal defense lawyer. Some courts require that you be screened outside of the courtroom by professionals whose sole purpose is to determine whether you qualify for a public defender. If an appointment is made, the defendant may be ordered to repay certain attorney fees following a guilty plea or conviction.

Many assume that a public defender will offer services which are inferior to a privately retained Seattle criminal defense attorney. While it is certainly true that some public defenders, and even some private WA criminal defense lawyers will prove to be insufficiently skilled or dedicated to their respective case to provide an effective defense, it is generally believed to be true that the average public defender will provide sufficient representation and guide you through the criminal process effectively. Public defenders have a tremendous amount of experience in that particular courtroom, are typically more familiar with the respective prosecutors and judges, and have much more trial experience then the average criminal defense attorney. The Seattle criminal defense lawyers at SQ Attorneys, consist of a former prosecutor and a public defender, both of whom have extensive trial experience. Based on their past experiences, the SQ Attorney team does not hesitate to take any case to trial if the need arises. The Seattle criminal lawyers at SQ Attorneys have the ability to collaborate with each other based on their respective experiences, and based on resources available to them, are able to provide an effective and efficient defense for all of their clients.

In short, if you are able to hire an effective Seattle criminal defense lawyer you should not hesitate to do so immediately upon receiving notice that you are being charged with a crime. If your means are limited, you should certainly not hesitate to screen for a public defender, and should not fear that you will receive ineffective representation just because your lawyer has been appointed.

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