Passed into Law

Wage Theft will soon be processed as a crime within the city limits Seattle. Wage theft is the intentional failure to pay an employee for work performed; on Monday, April 25, 2011, the Seattle City Council unanimously voted to make it a gross misdemeanor to knowingly withhold wages from someone who should be paid for work performed. A gross misdemeanor carries with it the possibility of a year in jail and a fine of five thousand dollars.

The law came about because it was determined that low-wage workers in Seattle were suffering from employers choosing to not pay them. Often these folks could not go to the authorities for assistance because they were not in a position of power, and had more to lose than to gain by doing so; numerous reports were received by the city council that outlined how countless workers in low-wage industries were not receiving monies earned from employers who intentionally withheld part or all of the workers’ paychecks. Through the ordinance the City of Seattle will have the power to revoke business licenses if the employer is convicted of Wage Theft.

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