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In Washington state work release facilities serve as a bridge between a 24 hour a day jail sentence, and being allowed to have time to work and live in the community while serving court imposed confinement. Incarcerated people in work release programs focus on transition – inclusive of finding and retaining employment, doing treatment, reconnecting with family members, developing life skills, and becoming productive members of the community at large. Work release allows for growth and opportunity; it is a very good program.

Unfortunately, work release, like so many other things, is prone to Covid 19, as has been proven by one Seattle facility that has had more than half its residents test positive for coronavirus. The first cases were detected in Mid-October. By the end of the month 49 residents (along with one staff member) had contracted the virus. The residents have been quarantined, and those infected have moved to housing designated for people with Covid 19. The facility will eventually be entirely cleared and cleaned. The inherent problem, however, is that work release facilities are prone to infectious diseases due to their make-up – by nature, they are communal. Is there a fix to this problem? Probably not. In short, those who may benefit from doing work release may also be at greater risk of contracting Covid 19. Is it worth it? No doubt it isn’t a decision most would want to make. Unfortunately, ‘thems the breaks’, as they say; it isn’t as if courts, judges or law makers are just going to do away with confinement obligations all together, right?

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