New Restricted License Application from DOL

The DOL has a new application for the Ignition Interlock License. All “restricted” license applications are now streamlined into one simple application,

Eligibility and/or Restrictions for a Restricted Driver’s License are as follows: (1) The DOL will determine what type of temporary restricted license a person qualifies for based on their evaluation of the applicant’s driving record; (2) any restricted license issued will only be valid within the state of Washington and cannot be used to operate a commercial motor vehicle; (3) DOL may also restrict where and when a driver can drive; (4) an applicant’s suspension/ revocation cannot be for a minor in possession, intermediate license violations, failure to pay child support, fraud, violation of court-ordered probation, medical or vision reasons, habitual traffic offender status, failure to enter into and/or comply with a required alcohol/ drug treatment program, or vehicular assault or homicide (except under certain conditions); and (5) an applicant must be licensed to operate a motor vehicle. If the person is not currently licensed, he must apply and qualify for a Washington license, which may include a knowledge and skill test.

The DOL will require the following documentation to qualify for a restricted driver’s license: (1) proof of financial responsibility, (2) if the applicant is suspended for an alcohol or drug-related offense, he will be required to maintain an ignition interlock on his vehicle; and (3) if an employer requires driving during work hours, a signed Employer Declaration form.

Finally, in order to keep a restricted driver’s license, an applicant cannot: (1) be convicted of violating the restricted driver’s license restrictions, or (2) get his driving privilege suspended/ revoked while the restricted license is in effect. Additionally, DOL will take a person’s restricted driver’s license if it receives: (1) evidence that the reason for driving is no longer valid; (2) notification that the driver is no longer maintaining financially responsibility (SR-22); or (3) notification that the applicant is no longer maintaining an ignition interlock license on his vehicle.

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