Juvenile charges

Being an adolescent is a time of growing, experiencing and learning – we have all been there, through the good and the bad. So it goes without saying that kids under the age of 18 can make poor, immature decisions; decisions that can often result in criminal charges being filed against them, decisions that can have a significant detrimental impact on their lives if not handled properly by a savvy Seattle criminal defense attorney. The juvenile criminal defense lawyer must be experienced with knowing how the juvenile court system operates. The attorney must understand that the juvenile court system operates differently than the adult court system, because the juvenile court system is about rehabilitation, not necessarily punishment. A good Washington criminal defense lawyer will strive to keep youths out of detention, and they work to compel the court and/or probation to give youths another fighting chance to succeed in life.

Do not let a mistake early in life affect your child’s future in life. A good Seattle Criminal Defense lawyer will skillfully, and through experience, dedicate themselves to providing effective, aggressive representation for juveniles accused of committing crimes. Furthermore, the Washington juvenile attorney will work to ensure that your child does not lose out on future job opportunities and/or college financial aid; don’t let a loved one’s immature, unwise mistake haunt his/ her future prospects at succeeding in life.

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