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SQ Attorneys

It is now official – ALL states must have a unanimous jury verdict in order to convict someone. Although Washington State was one of the 48 states that already required such a finding (as well as all Federal Courts), who knows what would have happened if the US Supreme Court found differently on the issue.

We need worry no longer. Why? Because last week the highest court in the land ruled that state juries must be unanimous in order to convict defendants in criminal trials. This ruling specifically impacted two states – Louisiana and Oregon. The ruling overturned a Louisiana second-degree murder conviction resulting in a life sentence for Evangelisto Ramos on a 10-2 jury vote.

Justice Neil Gorsuch declared in the majority opinion, “[T]he Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial is incorporated against the States under the Fourteenth Amendment … [t]hus, if the jury trial right requires a unanimous verdict in federal court, it requires no less in state court.” The high court’s ruling overturned its 1972 decision in Apodaca v. Oregon.

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