Is it BS? Or is it BS?

In Washington State domestic violence cases, both Prosecutors and domestic violence advocates alike often tend to treat alleged victims as if they were suffering from batterer’s syndrome (“BS”). BS is a syndrome that is characterized by a relationship where the victim is manipulated by power, control and violence by a dominant and controlling partner.

A DV advocate will, throughout the entire course of a domestic violence case, attempt to convince the victim of the ‘aggressors’ ‘escalating’ behavior.  A prosecutor, at trial, will attempt to educate the jury about the dynamics of a domestic violence relationship. In short, either directly or indirectly. the accused will be labeled as a ‘batterer’.  In reality, most of us know that life is just not that cut and dry; relationships are after all … complicated. While domestic violence advocates and prosecutors may hold on to certain harsh beliefs about those arrested for domestic violence, an experienced Seattle domestic violence attorney will demonstrate to a jury that the government has a weak case, or no case at all; a Seattle domestic violence lawyer will add color to a picture that may otherwise seem so black and white.

A person charged with a domestic violence crime needs an experienced Seattle domestic violence defense attorney who can level the playing field and protect his rights against unfair criminal charges and orders of protection. The law firm of SQ Attorneys has a record of successes in domestic violence defense in and around King County, Washington. If arrested for domestic violence call SQ Attorneys at 206.441.0900 for the answers to your important questions, or to schedule an appointment for a free and completely confidential consultation. It will be the best decision you make all day!

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