Increased DUI Fees on the Horizon?

Seattle DUI attorneys and Bellevue DUI attorneys alike are on notice that Washington lawmakers are considering charging those convicted of DUI, Vehicular Assault/ Homicide (or sentenced to a lesser charge, or granted a deferred prosecution) higher state fees in the not so distant future. The increased fees would be used to crack down on repeat DUI offenders. House Bill 1167 is one of a number of bills now being considered by the legislature that is aimed at imposing tougher penalties on DUI offenders in Washington State; the overall breadth of the proposed legislative changes range from harsher sentences on first-time DUI offenders to specialty license plates for those folks convicted of certain DUI offenses.

Under House Bill 1167, the state fee (as opposed to any county or municipality fee) incurred as a result of a DUI related conviction would increase from $125 to $200, and a portion of the extra money would be used to fund state grants aimed at: (1) reducing car accidents caused by DUI drivers, and (2) the creation of more specialty DUI courts, which monitor repeat offenders more closely than regular district, municipal and superior courts by conducting in-home and in-field visits, and by implementing technological devices to assist in the court’s oversight of those folks who find themselves in the court’s system. Currently, there are four counties (Clark, Grant, Spokane and Thurston) that have active specialty DUI courts. According to Rep. Marko Liias, D-Edmonds, the hope is to help solve potential alcohol/ drug addiction problems, and to help those in the system become healthy, productive members of society. The bill authorizes the creation of a registry of victim impact panels – an awareness program that was created to allow DUI accident survivors the opportunity to share how the accident impacted their lives.

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