IID Exemption – Driving for Work

When someone loses his privilege to drive in Washington State due to a DUI arrest, he may be permitted to operate a motor vehicle during the suspension period so long as he obtains an ignition interlock license (IIL). This, of course, requires the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) into any vehicle he intends to drive. What if his job requires him to drive a work vehicle, however? Is his employer required to install an ignition interlock device on the work vehicle? That would be silly and unrealistic, right? Of course, that is why there is an IID exemption for employer owned and operated work vehicles.

The aforementioned exemption may apply when:

(1) a court requires an IID as a pre-trial condition of release pending trial (a defendant can ask the court to exclude IID on work vehicle in the courts written IID or conditions of release order); (2) an IIL is required to drive due to a DOL administrative hearing loss and/or a DUI/Physical Control conviction; (3) an IID is required after a license suspension period because of a DUI/Physical Control conviction; and (4) an IID is required due to entry of a Deferred Prosecution.

To qualify for the IID exemption an employer must require an employee to drive:

(a) a vehicle; (b) during working hours; and (c) the vehicle driven must be owned, leased, rented, or be under the temporary responsibility of the employer.  If a driver is required to have an IID on his car, he must carry a copy of the exemption form on his person when driving his employer’s work vehicle.

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