That Crime Fightin' Turkey

Crazy as it may seem, Operation ‘Butterball One’ was in full force and effect this past week in Las Vegas. Drivers who didn’t stop at designated cross walks received a $191 ticket; motorcycle officers were standing by to write citations in an effort to keep the pedestrian death-rate down. Operation Butterball One was instituted because at last count 46 pedestrians had died in Clark County, Las Vegas this year. It was hoped that the Butterball One operation would offer a tangible reminder of the Las Vegas’ crosswalk laws—a $191 ticket.

With the recent traffic fatalities in and around our Seattle streets, one has to wonder if the Seattle PD is far behind in considering a similar holiday operation. So, although it may seem that it would not be difficult to spot a man sized turkey in a crosswalk this holiday season, if you happen to see one, stop and let him cross. It may be worth a sizeable financial savings that would probably be better used to buy a loved one a holiday gift.

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