How the Right Attorney Can Help You Fight Sattle DUI Charges

When facing a most difficult charge, such as DUI, people need a skilled, accomplished Seattle attorney. Criminal defense of alcohol-related driving charges require experienced, knowledgeable representation from an attorney who can explain the steps of the process and the possible outcomes of a case. It is also important to consider how the choice of an attorney can affect a case’s results. If you are facing a DUI charge, we suggest that you immediately consult with an attorney, who can gather the necessary facts and prepare a defense in order to avoid an unreasonable conviction.

We believe the justice system benefits our society, and we are dedicated to preserving the rights of the individual under the law. Because laws can and do change, you must find an attorney who understands how the current changes in Washington statutes regarding alcohol-related driving charges can affect a case. Working tirelessly to keep abreast of changes in the law, our team understands how these changes may affect our clients’ cases. Therefore, any alcohol-related driving charges need to be handled masterfully, as the penalties are harsh and can result in life-altering consequences. To ensure a fair fight against charges of drunk driving or related offenses, it is crucial to find a law firm with a solid record of success in alcohol-related charges.

Most people face suspension or loss of their of driving privileges within Washington. Sentences range from community service to lengthy jail time, and sanctions can include probation, enrollment in substance abuse or mental health treatment programs and installation of the Ignition Interlock Device. In addition to excessive fines and court costs, some people are required to pay restitution for any resulting damages. Because the punishment needs to fit the offense, the goal of SQ Attorneys is to ensure our clients fair representation and sentencing under the law.

The consequences of a DUI conviction can affect one’s license, police record, home life and career options. In addition to the legal implications, the emotional costs of such cases cannot be denied. SQ Attorneys are sensitive to the shame, frustration, stress and anxiety faced by our clientele. Throughout the entire legal process, a person facing a DUI charge should expect expertise, compassion and guidance from his or her Seattle attorney. Criminal defense is a serious business. With a dedicated attorney, working to fight an alcohol-related driving charge, people have the best chance to move forward and get their lives back on track.

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