DV Awareness Front and Center

The Women’s World Cup is – as they say – in the books. What a phenomenal victory and stellar performance by the US Women’s National Team. And with such accolades comes a platform for public awareness.

Hope Solo, the US goal keeper and current Seattle Reign player, is ensuring her voice is heard with regard to the impact of domestic violence allegations. She says that she is done playing the victim. As most of us all know by now Solo was the defendant in a domestic violence case in 2014, wherein the charges brought against her were ultimately dismissed after several contentious court battles with the prosecuting attorney.

Regardless of the dismissal, Solo claims she lost countless endorsements, and that her name and reputation were blemished; she is now compared to the likes of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. In short, she says that “from here on out, no matter what happens, I’ll forever be associated with domestic violence.”

And therein lies the significance of this short post; let Solo’s statement be a lesson to everyone: A simple allegation of domestic violence can forever blemish one’s persona. It can impact job opportunities and public perception; the impact goes beyond just family. It has the potential of creating a lifelong public stigma. Unfortunately, in our current political and legal climates, prosecutors error on the side of guilt, not innocence. A claim of domestic violence, no matter how seemingly trivial, will result in criminal charges being filed and court proceedings moving forward. One charged with domestic violence best be prepared.

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