DUI Laws Stand to Get Tougher in Washington and Beyond

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) – a non-profit organization that has for the past thirty years advocated for tougher DUI laws – is vigorously lobbying Congress for $60 million to develop a system that would prevent cars from starting if the driver of the vehicle is intoxicated. MADD is lobbying Congress to pass an amendment to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act to provide the $60 million needed over five years for the sensor technology. The goal would be to prevent cars from starting if the driver has a blood alcohol level of .08 or greater. Additionally, MADD is urging Congress to: (1) require ignition interlock devices for any person who is convicted of drunk driving in the United States of America (this is already the law in Washington State; eleven other states also require IID’s for persons convicted of DUI), and (2) allow law enforcement to set up sobriety checkpoints in all 50 states (Washington State law currently does not permit for sobriety checkpoints).

These aggressive maneuvers have ruffled a few feathers and have led some to proclaim MADD – “neoprohibitionist”. Some feel that such tough DUI laws are unfairly punishing social drinkers, those who drink one or two alcoholic beverages in an evening. MADD believes that although DUI related deaths have decreased over the past thirty years, there are still too many fatalities related to drinking and driving; they claim they are not aiming their actions against “social drinkers”.

DUI laws in Washington State are already extremely tough. It is clear that they stand to get even tougher in the not so distant future. If you or a loved one is cited or charged with DUI in Western Washington, it is imperative that a Seattle DUI attorney be retained as soon as possible to ensure all personal, professional and financial interests are protected. Seattle DUI Lawyers Greg Schwesinger and Saad Qadri of SQ Attorneys represent defendants and petitioners through all phases of their Washington State DUI case. This includes not only fighting for the accused’s rights and interests at all criminal court proceedings, but also fighting for the accused’s driving privileges during an administrative telephonic hearing through the Washington State Department of Licensing. The Seattle DUI Attorneys of SQ Attorneys are experienced and proven negotiators that make a world of difference for those accused of DUI. SQ Attorneys is a team of seasoned Seattle DUI lawyers that work tireless to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every client they have the honor of representing. Arrested for DUI in Western Washington? Call The Criminal Defense Team of SQ Attorneys at (206) 441-0900 or (425) 998-8384 for an initial free consultation.

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