Don't Let Things Hold You Back

Getting criminally charged doesn’t have to ruin a person’s life. The real key is taking the steps to ensure positive things happen; minimize the negatives, emphasize the positives. Set a goal and go after it. Don’t let people or convictions get in your way. Reagan Dunn, a republican candidate running for state attorney-general has done exactly that. Dunn was charged with reckless driving in 1989, when he was only 17 years old.

Democratic candidate Bob Ferguson recently claimed that Dunn was charged with a “serious crime” when he was a law student and “received probation for one year.” Ferguson was referring to the 1989 incident referenced above. According to King County District Court records Dunn was originally charged with reckless driving, but ultimately he plead to a reduced charge of negligent driving after he took a driving safety course and paid a $50 fine. Dunn was not a law student at the time; he was actually a 17-year-old high-school student, and he did not receive probation as part of his sentence.

Ferguson has since conceded that he “clearly misspoke” in saying Dunn was a law student in 1989. Moreover, regarding the probation claim, Ferguson said court records note that the court “Began tracking Probation.” Interestingly, court officials say that “Began tracking Probation” was a misnomer because it was a term they used internally for an administrative process of monitoring cases to see if defendants were complying with judges’ orders; it was not actually “court ordered probation”. Court officials have also said that they no longer use that term in the same context. In fact, Bob Dowd, director for the eastern division of King County District Court, has said that Dunn was never on probation.

Regardless of the foregoing, Ferguson continues to maintain that Dunn was initially charged with a “serious” crime. Ferguson’s position is that if you’re charged with something with the potential for jail time, it’s serious. Dunn challenges that assertion, saying reckless driving was a misdemeanor and negligent driving is the “lightest criminal offense the law knows”. Dunn said his offense was “doing doughnuts in the snow.” Allegedly he was driving his 1976 Camaro in a Factoria parking lot. Dunn said he didn’t hit anything and that neither alcohol nor drugs was involved.

Whether reckless driving is a “serious crime” is a judgment call. The important thing to understand in this example is that Dunn is not letting his past history hold him back. He is pursuing his dreams and his aspirations and he is overcoming things like a misdemeanor conviction and an opposing candidate’s smear campaign.

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