Conduct Unbecoming? Everett Police Say So …

The City of Everett defines Lewd Conduct in Sec. 10.24.020 of the Everett Municipal Code. Section 10.24.020 reads, in part: A person is guilty of lewd conduct in Everett if he or she intentionally performs any lewd act in a public place or under circumstances where such act is likely to be observed by any member of the public. Lewd conduct is a misdemeanor. The law does not prohibit: 1. Plays, operas, musicals or other dramatic works which are not obscene; 2. Classes, seminars and lectures held for serious scientific or educational purposes; 3. Exhibitions, performances or dances which are not obscene; 4. Adult entertainment activities operating pursuant to Chapter 5.120 EMC; or 5. Adult cabaret activities operating pursuant to Chapter 5.128 EMC.

Apparently certain barista activities in Everett have been deemed — Lewd Conduct. On Wednesday morning, three “bikini baristas” at Hillbilly Hotties were arrested for allegedly violating Everett’s lewd conduct and adult cabaret laws. Police began investigating the coffee stand after getting multiple complaints that baristas were selling more than just a good ol’ Cup of Joe. According to police, complaints were coming in that ‘inappropriate things’ were being done at the coffee stand. Based on these complaints, officers served a search warrant on the coffee business and arrested three employees. Two of the three baristas may now be facing charges of violating the city’s adult cabaret law, and the third barista may be facing lewd conduct charges. Who knew serving coffee could cause such an uprising. No pun intended, of course.

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