A Cannabis Culture Holiday

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

It is April 20, 2018, and that means one thing – “4/20”, a cannabis culture holiday of sorts, is upon us. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by law enforcement either. The King County Sheriff’s Office is letting it be known – emphasis patrols will be on the lookout for impaired drivers; extra deputies in southeast King County are being deployed, and will be looking for drivers under the influence of drugs. The emphasis patrols are being deployed because 25 years of data has shown that the risk of a fatal crash is actually twelve percent higher on April 20th. It is believed that 4/20 may be the root cause of the increased fatalities.

Marijuana related DUI’s are no different than alcohol related DUI’s. They are gross misdemeanors and carry a 364 maximum jail sentence along with a $5,000 maximum fine. They also carry a Washington driver’s license suspension (a minimum of 90 days), and a probationary oversight period of up to five years. Any DUI conviction (whether marijuana and/or alcohol based) is a life-long stigma; DUI’s cannot ever be expunged, vacated or sealed. Moreover, any DUI will prohibit a person admission into Canada.

If you or a loved one is accused of DUI, you should immediately consult with a qualified Seattle DUI Attorney. A qualified and respected Seattle DUI lawyer, among other things, can quite possibly save the aggrieved person thousands of dollars in court and insurance fees, the extent of loss of privilege to drive, and the amount of jail time to be served. We have said it before and will say it again, Washington DUI laws are far too complicated for any ol’ attorney to handle. Be smart and consult with a qualified and skilled Seattle DUI attorney when arrested for an alcohol and/or drug related DUI in Washington State.

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