It is All in the Pose

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SQ Attorneys

Some people pose for photos. Others pose as something they are not, but perhaps wish they were. It should go without saying, but … the latter ‘posing’ can sometimes get a person in trouble, as one man in New York recently found out. On a steamy day this past August, the aforementioned man was posing as a police officer when he got a dose of real karma – he pulled over a van that just happened to be full of NY police detectives … go figure … what are the chances, right?

The man initiated the traffic stop by turning on his emergency lights and blaring an air horn, indicating the van to pull over. Once the man learned who occupied the van, he took off into oncoming traffic. Needless to say, not the smartest of ideas – impersonating an officer, pulling over a van full of police detectives and/or taking off into oncoming traffic, take your pick. Clearly, we won’t find this man’s mug shot under the definition of ‘genius’.

The man is now himself facing the following criminal charges of: (1) Criminal impersonation; (2) Fleeing from police, and (3) Reckless endangerment. The man best find himself a mighty fine criminal defense lawyer – preferably a real one … not one posing as a NY barrister … just sayin’.

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