Pet Friendly Haven Granted

Just a quick reminder that domestic violence is taken extremely serious in Washington State. This is so regardless of how small or insignificant someone may think the incident is, or whether someone is actually physically, or even emotionally, injured. The government is always looking at ways to curb domestic violence and protect the aggrieved party; officials note that one barrier to leaving an abusive relationship is fear that family pets will be harmed or otherwise not cared for in retaliation for leaving.

In light of this, and as yet another example of the crackdown on domestic violence, the Clark County YWCA in Vancouver, Washington recently received a $5,600 grant to convert a domestic violence shelter into a pet-friendly haven for victims of domestic violence. The grant allows for the YWCA, the Humane Society of Southwest Washington, and the Mill Plain Animal Hospital to work together in providing pets belonging to shelter residents a safe haven and veterinary care and supplies. If successful, one can only presume pet friendly shelters will be popping up in other sectors of the state.

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