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Have you ever wondered where the most DUI arrests arise out of? Although a DUI can take place virtually anywhere on our Washington roadways, there are some locales that seem to be more prone to DUI’s than others. Interestingly, DUI arrestees in Washington (for the period ranging from January 2012 to mid-May 2016) most often reported having their last drink at one of these watering holes:

Number of DUI last-drink arrests Establishment Location
195 Jazzbones Tacoma
163 McCloud’s Saloon Bremerton
145 Jake’s on Fourth Olympia
142 Muckleshoot Casino Auburn
141 Wayne’s Inn Puyallup
109 Schafer’s Bar and Grill Sumner
107 Masa (Closed) Tacoma
86 Rumors Cabinet Bellingham
82 Emerald Queen Casino Fife
81 Lady Luck’s Cowgirl Up Spanaway

Source: Washington State Patrol data

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