The ABC's of NCO's, PO's and TRO's

When it comes to no contact orders (“NCO’s”) protection orders (“PO’s”) and temporary restraining orders (“TRO’s”), the law is pretty darn clear — if a restraining order of any type has been issued and is in full force and effect, the person it is imposed against must abide by its terms, notwithstanding the person’s relationship with the person ostensibly being protected by the order.

NCO’s, PO’s and TRO’s can be issued for any number of reasons, including, but not necessarily limited to:

• Domestic Violence Charges;
• Civil Court Orders;
• Separate Provisions of a Divorce.

Depending on the specifics outlined in an NCO, PO or TRO, a person bound by the terms of the order can be arrested for any number of violations, including such things as: (1) being at home, (2) being in the car or on the street with the person who is protected by the order, or (3) failing to leave a place in which the protected person shows up, i.e. family events. This is true even if the person protected by the order has consented to the bound person’s presence. In short, it is still considered a crime to be in their presence notwithstanding their desires or wishes.

The consequences of a NCO, PO or TRO violation depend upon a plethora of factors, such as: (1) a person’s prior criminal record, and (2) the nature of the alleged violation. Anyone can be served with a NCO, PO or TRO. If you are convicted of violating a NCO, PO or TRO it will go on your permanent criminal record. It is also important to note that any guilty finding will implicate a person’s right to possess a firearm. As such, a NCO, PO or TRO violation can be extremely damaging to those who like to hunt and to those who serve our country in the armed forces or in law enforcement.

If you or a loved one has been served with any type of restraining order, it is important that you contact a qualified Seattle criminal defense attorney and have a Seattle criminal lawyer present at all of your court proceedings. The litigators that make up the legal team of SQ Attorneys are highly trained and qualified Seattle criminal attorneys. They fight to protect the rights and interests of those people accused of NCO, PO or TRO violations. SQ Attorneys understands that there can be two sides to any story, and they will work to ensure that their client’s story is heard without risk of further incrimination.

The SQ team is designed to create success by working with law enforcement and with the prosecuting attorney’s office so as to ensure that all facts and circumstances related to the criminal allegations brought against the accused are considered in creating the fairest, most equitable and just resolution possible in light of all the surrounding circumstances. If accused of a crime, protect your rights – contact SQ Attorneys – (206) 441-0900, (425) 988-8384; it will be the best decision you make all day!

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