Nailed by the DUI Hammer? Fight Back!

According to statistical data, impaired driving is the leading cause of traffic fatalities in Washington State. In light of this, and pursuant to Washington State’s ongoing “Drive Hammered Get Nailed campaign,” our state law enforcement agencies have increased their DUI patrols on our local roadways; the increased patrols commenced in earnest on August 12, 2010. The campaign is the largest summer  DUI enforcement operation ever in Washington, and includes the participation of over 170 Washington State law enforcement agencies in and around Washington State.

The Seattle DUI Lawyers that make up the criminal defense team at SQ Attorneys understand the significant impact a DUI conviction can have on not only a person’s personal but also professional life.   The litigators at SQ Attorneys understand that being charged and prosecuted for DUI in Western Washington is one of the scariest experiences an individual can face during his lifetime.

SQ Attorneys is a highly skilled and experienced team of Seattle DUI Attorneys immensely dedicated to aggressively protecting the rights and interests of those accused of DUI in Western Washington and the Greater Puget Sound region.  The team creates success by working with law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney’s office to ensure that their client’s integrity and overarching humanity, as well as the totality of the facts and circumstances related to the allegations, are considered in creating the most just, fair and equitable resolution possible.

If you or a loved one is charged with a DUI in Western Washington, call The Seattle Criminal Lawyers at SQ Attorneys – (206) 441-0900 or (425) 9988-DUI (8384) – for an initial free consultation. 

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