Will A Charge Limit Citizenship?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

There are reports that President Trump’s administration is planning to make it all but impossible for legal immigrants to become citizens if they have ever relied on public welfare programs, i.e. the Affordable Care Act. This begs the question from a criminal defense perspective – is the same policy far behind for legal immigrants that are charged and/or convicted of a crime? In other words, will it be impossible for legal immigrants to become citizens if they are charged and/or convicted of a crime like DUI, assault or any other crime? The overhaul is allegedly related to a global plan to reduce the number of immigrants who obtain legal status. The administration is working to implement the plan by redefining the concept of ‘public charge’, which is an obscure 1880’s statute that allows the US to turn away immigrants deemed to be a burden to society. Could a legal immigrant who is charged/ convicted of a crime fit this concept/ term? Quite possibly. The current proposed overhaul could impact millions of immigrants. Adding criminally charged or convicted immigrants could spike that number by millions more.

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