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What Happens to My Suspended License if I Move to Another State?

SQ Attorneys

Driving while license suspended can be an extremely serious offense in Washington state, depending on the degree (first, second and/or third degree). Having a suspended driver’s license can further complicate an out-of-state move. In most states, the suspension will follow you to your new state. Although there are exceptions, in general, you cannot get a… Continue Reading »

What is Legislative Privilege and When Does it Apply?

SQ Attorneys

Ruling essentially allows the government to decide what information they are going to give to the public and what information they are not going to give to the public. Continue Reading »

What Motions Can I File on My DUI Case?

After a Driving Under the Influence case has been filed, the matter can proceed in many different ways. A case can proceed to trial, or be resolved by way of a guilty plea and/or a diversion after negotiations. Prior to a case proceeding to trial, the defense can set the matter to a motion hearing.… Continue Reading »