When Can an Officer give Chase?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Oh how the pendulum swings. It was only a few short years ago an officer’s ability to chase people in vehicles was curtailed. That right was slightly expanded last week when Governor Jay Inslee rolled back some prohibitive requirements for police chases.

Under the new law, police officers no longer need ‘probable cause’ to initiate their pursuit of a motorist. The new standard is ‘reasonable suspicion’. An officer now only needs ‘reasonable suspicion’ that a person is committing a crime in order to give chase. The move gives officers more flexibility to do their job because pursuits can now be undertaken for suspicion of several crimes including violent offenses, sex offenses, domestic violence related offenses, dui’s and escaping arrest offenses, where there is a serious threat of harm to others. This purportedly will make our roads safer, but some fear that police accountability will again be reduced, and rogue officers may abuse this lesser standard for when a motorist can be chased.

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