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SQ Attorneys

Many folks who transport commercial goods possess a commercial driver’s license (“CDL”). To have a CDL (like a regular old driver’s license) is a privilege, not a right. Like any privilege – whatever is giveth can be taketh away, and that principle holds true even for CDL’s.

In Washington State a CDL can be suspended for either a conviction for DUI or a positive alcohol or drug test while driving. A Washington State CDL can also be suspended, revoked, or disqualified if a Washington driver’s license is suspended, revoked, canceled, or surrendered for any reason whatsoever.

The following is a list of violations for which a CDL can be suspended or revoked: (1) Conviction of DUI; (2) entering into Deferred Prosecution in lieu of DUI charges; (3) driving a commercial motor vehicle with an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or higher, or with any measure of THC concentration; (4) refusing to submit to a test or tests to determine blood alcohol concentration or the presence of any drug while driving a motor vehicle; (5) leaving the scene of an accident involving a motor vehicle; (6) using any motor vehicle in the commission of a felony; (7) driving a commercial motor vehicle with a suspended, revoked, canceled, or disqualified CDL; (8) causing a fatality through the negligent operation of a commercial motor vehicle; (9) committing 2 or more of the above listed violations, in separate incidents; (10) committing 2 or more serious traffic offenses within 3 years, in separate incidents; (11) driving a commercial vehicle while under an out-of-service order; and (12) committing railroad-crossing violations while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

If you or a loved one has a CDL and are facing criminal charges – whether for DUI or some other DUI related offense – it is a very smart idea to immediately hire a qualified Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer. The Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys that make up the criminal defense team of SQ Attorneys are highly qualified and reputable Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys that are dedicated to providing top notch, aggressive representation for those arrested or charged for crime all across Western Washington and the Greater Puget Sound region. The team creates success by working with law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney’s office to ensure that all facts and circumstances related to the allegations are considered in creating the fairest, most equitable and just resolution possible in light of all the surrounding circumstances of the given case. So, whether you are cited with an infraction or arrested and/or charged with misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or a felony, protect yourself … call SQ Attorneys at (206) 441-0900.

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