What’s in a Name Makes a Difference

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

An interesting article in the Seattle Times today outlines why the Seattle City Attorney’s decision to change the name of a certain crime has caused havoc in folks’ lives. Outside of Seattle the crime is known as ‘Patronizing a Prostitute’. In the City of Seattle it is known as ‘Sexual Exploitation’. Exactly the same crime, but with a different name; the elements of both are the same. When it comes to both background checks and immigration issues, however, the name of the crime makes all the difference in the world. This is so because Sexual Exploitation shows up as a sex based felony offense, and Patronizing a Prostitute appears as simply a non-sex based misdemeanor offense.

The City of Seattle changed the crime of Patronizing a Prostitute to Sexual Exploitation in 2015, and the collateral consequences of the change did not really come to light until relatively recently. The City Attorney’s Office does recognize that the name change may have caused some unintended consequences, but claims the new name better describe a defendant’s conduct because many women are forced, or otherwise coerced, into prostitution, and the City prosecutor wants to hold sex buyers accountable for creating the demand for the sex trade in Seattle.

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