What’s in a Definition?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

The Seattle City Council recently proposed legislation that would allow for the dismissal of some poverty related misdemeanor crimes. The legislation does so by expanding the definition of duress.

If approved, defense attorneys would be allowed to argue that a person’s addiction, mental health disorder or poverty level influenced his criminal act. Offenses covered by the ordinance would include any Gross Misdemeanor and/or Misdemeanor crime, but would not include driving under the influence or domestic violence related charges.

As to be expected, critics fear the bill gives the ‘green light’ to commit crime for a certain subset of people, and that the legislation is geared to support the rights of a suspect rather than focusing on the protection of the public.

The proposal will now undergo a month of scrutiny and analysis from the public, city staff and other Seattle City Council members. A formal council vote is expected on the 2021 budget in late November.

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