What may Constitute Domestic Violence?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Domestic violence can come in many forms. The Washington State Supreme Court confirmed that last week when it unanimously ruled that animal abuse can, and does, constitute domestic violence. The high court confirmed that a Tukwila man did, in fact, commit domestic violence when he savagely beat his girlfriend’s dog to death. Ultimately, the justices held that the purpose of the domestic violence designation on criminal cases is to ensure domestic violence victims are protected, as it allows courts – among other thing – to issue no contact orders between the defendant and the victim at issue.

The man originally had been convicted in superior court.  He was given 18 months in prison – 12 of which was for the animal abuse, and 6 of which was for traumatizing his girlfriend for the act.  Sadly, the Chihuahua-Dashshund mix died after being taken by police to a veterinarian clinic where she could not be saved.  

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