What Cameras?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Bus lanes, bus lanes, bus lanes … avoid those bus lanes. In three Seattle corridors there will be a price to pay if one elects to enter the bus lane because there is now a new camera-enforcement program and it just may spread citywide.

The cameras went live earlier this month and are located on southbound Aurora Avenue at Galer Street, at Olive Way crossing Fifth Avenue, and on Third Avenue near Stewart Street. There will be a warning notice for the first violation, and a $75 fine for each additional violation. It is expected that over the next several weeks more bus lane cameras will be going up. Other cameras will penalize drivers who “block the box” by occupying an intersection on red where Battery Street crosses Fourth Avenue, where Fourth Avenue meets South Jackson Street, and along Westlake Avenue North through the wide Valley and Roy streets junction.

Where is the revenue associated with these camera offenses slotted to go? Half will go into state walk-bike safety projects, and half is budgeted by SDOT for accessible signals that make noise or vibrate, aiding blind pedestrians. The city of Seattle is always looking for ways to increase revenue streams. Bus lane violators will now be lining the City coffers with the old mighty green back.

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