What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Seattle DUI Lawyer?

You spend a nice, relaxing evening with friends and decide to get in your car and drive home for that quick ride home. You feel as if you are okay to drive after waiting an hour or so to sober up, but before you know it, you see flashing lights behind you, and find yourself being pulled over by a police officer. All of a sudden you realize your mistake and are feeling sick to your stomach. Before you know it, you are being asked to perform the field sobriety tests, and the portable breath test. Your being read your Miranda rights, and are being processed for driving under the influence. Your worst nightmare is coming true, but with the help of a Seattle DUI lawyer, you can learn from your mistakes and move through this experience effectively and efficiently.

The very first step in this process is to find an experienced Seattle DUI attorney. DUI lawyers in WA offer specialized services. Many people go to a lawyer who may have the best reputation, but they usually charge a high premium price for their services, which for many is just not financially feasible. The most expensive Seattle DUI attorney or a Bellevue DUI attorney can charge several thousand dollars, while a more affordable one may charge much less, and perhaps will do as effective of a job. Many times the cost of a Seattle DUI attorney depends on how long the lawyer has been practicing for, and what firm they may be affiliated with. When searching for the right Seattle DUI lawyer for you, spend time meeting with each candidate and ask lots of questions. Finally, choose the one who will show you significant, positive results for the most affordable price for you.

Many times, it is beneficial for you to come prepared with several things prior to visiting your Seattle DUI attorney. The initial meeting with the DUI attorney in WA will most likely be a free of charge consultation that will give you a chance to decide if the attorney is a good professional match for you. Bring your driving record, any and all documents you may have received from the officer and/or the court, and finally, a list of questions that you may have. Also, be prepared to share the details of your particular arrest no matter how horrifying it may be reliving the experience. Keep in mind, during the initial consultation, you will most likely be apprised of the standard penalties in your jurisdiction, and a realistic expectation of the outcome, based on the attorneys experience.

It is disheartening and horrifying to be arrested for a DUI, particularly when this was a one time mistake. Having good legal counsel from qualified Seattle DUI lawyers can mean the difference between progressing towards this quickly or suffering the consequences for a long time.

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