Watch What you Say!

In our personal lives we sometimes make statements to loved ones out of anger, irritation and pure frustration. Relationships are rarely ‘peaches and cream’. Some statements are hurtful and others cut to the bone. Often, however, these comments are made in jest … never intended to do anything more than express the person’s frustration and agitation; they are said to simply annoy or upset the recipient … often the words spoken are taken out of context (take that expression I just wrote, ‘cut to the bone’, how many different ways can that phrase be interpreted in various situations?). The problem is that when these words are spoken and the police are called, invariably the person uttering them is arrested and charged with a crime. Why? Well simply put … because of a few ‘bad apples’ – those folks that say similar things and actually mean what they say and act upon them. The folks that are dangerous. The folks that hurt and maim and kill others. The police, the prosecutors and the courts are not willing to try and ascertain who really means what they say, and who is just saying something in jest or saying something that was taken out of context.

A prime example of an individual considered to be a ‘bad apple’ is the gentleman who is currently being sought for allegedly shooting and killing his 14 year old relative over a pair of shoes, Si Phu. This incident took place this past Sunday. And in January of this year Mr. Phu was charged with cyberstalking domestic violence in Snohomish County Superior Court after he threatened ‘to smoke’ his ex-girlfriend and her 5 year old son because she would not get back together with him. Mr. Phu, at the time, had no criminal history. He ultimately plead guilty to the charge, resulting in his first criminal conviction.

Mr. Phu’s case is a prime example of why it is important to not say things to others that may be taken out of context or out of frustration, anger or irritation. Because if the police are called, regardless of your intent, you may find yourself behind bars and facing a criminal charge. To be clear, simply trying to explain to the officer, the prosecutor and/or the court that it was a misunderstanding, a mistake or a comment said in jest or taken out of context will achieve nothing. Simply put, the government is not going to take a chance that you aren’t the ‘bad apple’ they are concerned about. To the contrary, they are going to consider you the ‘bad apple’ and act accordingly in processing criminal charges. So word to the wise, play nice with the one’s you love. Respect your relationship with others, and steer clear from idioms and comments that can be interpreted in several different ways.

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