Washington DUI Laws Expanded

State lawmakers have been continuously working towards increasing penalties and fines for those who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs, or commit vehicular homicide. To that end the Washington state Legislator in Olympia recently agreed to unanimously pass a bill cracking down on people driving under the influence.

The new legislations expanded Washington state DUI laws to include “huffing”, which is the act of inhaling chemicals to get high. The new laws also make it tougher to fool an ignition interlock breathalyzer device; the laws may force offenders to pay for cameras that prove they’re the ones actually taking the ignition interlock device test instead of a sober friend or family member.
Those in support of the new laws say the Legislature has taken a big step towards fixing and strengthening Washington’s impaired driving laws and the changes make our streets safer. Legislators hope these new laws will give folks pause before possibly offending or re-offending.

Perhaps the next step in Washington DUI law change is tougher sentencing guidelines; Supporters believe that by increasing jail time for violators the public will come to understand how serious Washington takes drunk driving.

The new legislation has been delivered to the governor’s office. The bill’s supporters say the governor is expected to sign it.

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