VP Biden's call for Heigtened Awareness Undoubtedly Increases the number of Criminal Complaints Filed

Like DUI’s, domestic violence is getting a ton of exposure over this past year. The latest hyperbole of exposure in Seattle revolves around the Seattle Seahawks first round draft pick of 2015, Frank Clark. As is well known by now, Mr. Clark was alleged to have struck his then girlfriend in an Ohio hotel room last year. He ultimately plead guilty to a non-DV related reduced charge.

What some folks may not know is that prior to this latest air play on domestic violence, Vice President Joe Biden in May called domestic violence a “public health epidemic“, and warned that it requires urgent attention. For decades now, domestic violence has been a signature issue for Vice President Biden. In 1990, he introduced the landmark Violence Against Women Act, which was signed into law in 1994.

Clearly, a greater emphasis on ‘outing’ domestic violence is at play today, and surely it will be moving forward into the future; it is front and center on a national level. As a direct consequence, rightly or wrongly, any incident that even hints of domestic violence is probably going to end up in our criminal justice system. Clearly, the current mentality is ‘better safe than sorry’, and anyone charged with domestic violence better be prepared to defend themselves.

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