Transparency is Bliss

On March 8, 2016, the Washington Legislature passed a bill to keep police body-camera video footage available to the public, which is a good thing considering the current public outcry for law enforcement ‘transparency’. House Bill 2362: (1) sets rules on what type of body-camera video footage is presumed ‘private’; (2) sets up a task force to examine the best practice for the use of body-camera video footage; (3) encourages police agencies to adopt policies related to the use of body-camera video footage; and (4) requires certain video footage to be presumptively private, such as footage of dead bodies or of minors, wherein such footage will only be released if a requester can demonstrate the footage is of ‘legitimate public concern’.

Now that the measure has passed both the Senate and the House, the next step is for Governor Jay Inslee’s to review and approve it. Open governmental transparency is a good thing and undoubtedly the people of Washington State will be better off because of the passing of House Bill 2362. Many criminal cases rely on body-camera video footage in the ultimate decision of the case, whether the result is a conviction, a negotiated settlement, a dismissal, or a not guilty finding.

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