The Receipt will Set You Free

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

It was a long time coming, but with some extended perseverance a Michigan man got himself another opportunity to prove his innocence. He has since sued the Hertz Rental Company because they failed to produce the very evidence that would have proved his innocence and kept him out of prison.

Due to that lack of evidence, the man was originally convicted and sentenced to 30 years – to life – in prison, for second-degree murder. Unfortunately, before the man got his second opportunity to battle his case, he did an actual five years in custody. The silver-lining though is that it was 25 years less than 30, and a lifetime less than ‘life in prison’.

What was the evidence that set this man free? A receipt that would have proved he couldn’t have committed the crime. According to the man, the receipt from Hertz proved that he was nowhere near the scene of the slaying. With continued pressure, Hertz finally located the receipt and presented it two years after the man’s initial conviction. Hertz says that although they couldn’t find the receipt through historic rental records (through hard work, and continued good faith efforts), they were able to find it by using advanced data search technology.  It took seven long years to do. Once located, they immediately provided the receipt to the man’s defense team, who filed an appeal for a new trial, which was granted.

There is something to be said for persistence, that is for darn sure. Now the question is – how much will Hertz owe the man, if anything. That is an issue for the civil courts, not criminal.

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