The New Breath Test

A new round of legal challenges could be on tap for a DUI in Washington state.

The state is upgrading its breathalyzer machines, and defense lawyers are ready to pick apart this latest technology. The new state-of-the-art tool could stir legal challenges over perceived shortcomings. Contact the Seattle DUI Lawyer at SQ Attorneys for more information on these tests.

The Drager Alcotest 95-10 boasts several improvements over the breathalyzer the state currently uses, including two ways to ensure testing accuracy and touch-screen entry of information troopers track.

“Things such as drinking location, the establishment where they told us they were drinking, (whether there was a) collision involved,” said Sgt. Ken Denton.

Cross-referencing such data can help troopers saturate areas that come up as problem spots. But not everyone is a believer as the Seattle DUI Lawyers at SQ Attorneys will be fighting for your rights in challenging this new breath test.

Denton says Washington State Patrol has tested and re-tested the Drager, and is confident it is accurate and reliable. But he knows it may still be an issue in court.”I doubt very seriously that this is going to be the end of all court argument,” he said, adding defense attorneys would file challenges, no matter what technology gets adopted. Drager could not be reached for comment.

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