The I am a Human Brewery Defense!

Is there a new innovative defense available or those charged for driving under the influence? Based on a recent case in upstate New York, the answer may very well be, ‘yes’. The lawyer in the case argued that the defendant’s body is basically a brewery; the lawyer claimed that the defendant’s blood alcohol level has been recorded at four times the legal limit when she hadn’t even consumed an alcoholic beverage. This rare condition, called ‘auto-brewery syndrome’, was not discovered, of course, until after the woman was arrested for DUI. Apparently the attorney submitted medical evidence of his client’s condition to the Buffalo judge (which is believed to be caused by high levels of yeast in the gut) who thereafter dismissed the DUI charges earlier this month. Whether this will become a vogue defense for those accused of driving under the influence is yet to be seen, but give the attorney (and his client) kudos … it sure is innovative.

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