Tether at your Own Risk

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

You tie up or tether a dog in Washington State and you could soon be facing a hefty penalty. Currently, Washington doesn’t have animal cruelty penalties for tethering or tying up dogs. That is about to change. The new statute allows animal care and control officers to issue warnings or civil infractions for inhumane animal tethering. What is deemed ‘inhumane’? Well … the law makes it illegal for a person to leave a dog tethered for a reckless period of time without providing adequate access to food, water and/or shelter. The dog’s space must also be sanitary and sufficiently clean. The bill outlines restrictions intended to reduce dog injuries and permits for dogs to have space to comfortably sit, stand or lie down. Ultimately, it is hoped that this legislation eliminates future animal abuse and outright neglect. Washington (as are many other states) are signifying that owning a dog is a responsibility, one that dog owners better take very seriously or face the prospect of being sanctioned.

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