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In 2022, the right to vote was automatically restored to Washington felons upon their release from incarceration. Before this, felons didn’t necessarily have their voting rights restored upon leaving prison. Instead, they could regain their voting rights after finishing the conditions of their sentence, such as community supervision terms. Such periods could last months and… Continue Reading »

Some interesting search and seizure case law came down last week.  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that exigent circumstances does not always apply to a fleeing driver and an officer’s authority to invade the sanctity of one’s home.  The case arose from a police officer’s warrantless entry into a person’s garage after the officer heard… Continue Reading »

Any criminal defense attorney worth his/ her salt will tell you that a DUI arrest in Washington State can potentially result in very harsh and undesirable consequences. With that said, below following are just a few DUI related questions we commonly hear at SQ Attorneys: Question: The police arrested me for DUI but didn’t book… Continue Reading »