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Some interesting search and seizure case law came down last week.  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that exigent circumstances does not always apply to a fleeing driver and an officer’s authority to invade the sanctity of one’s home.  The case arose from a police officer’s warrantless entry into a person’s garage after the officer heard… Continue Reading »

Late last month it became clear law enforcement has come up with a new (and perhaps controversial) way to deal with drivers who slow down to gawk at accidents – cite them for driving negligently. This is what they did to a woman they say held up traffic in order to take pictures and video… Continue Reading »

Can’t pay a traffic ticket? You may soon be in luck. Why? Because Washington State lawmakers recently proposed a measure that would prevent a driver’s license from being suspended if a person cannot pay or doesn’t respond to a traffic ticket. The measure, if passed, would eliminate suspended licenses for those who are unable to… Continue Reading »

What is Reckless Driving? According to Washington State, Reckless Driving is ‘a willful and wanton disregard for the safety of person and/or property.’ Can speeding alone get someone cited for Reckless Driving? In short, yes. This is so because Washington’s maximum speed limits can serve as prima facie evidence of reckless driving, which in Washington… Continue Reading »

Recently high school seniors throughout Washington State helped launch a statewide seat belt campaign. The title of this grass roots campaign? “Buckle Up! Your Family is Waiting for You!” A senior at Asotin High School in Eastern Washington, Stanzi Hay, decided to lead the way by tackling the issue through the development of a yearlong… Continue Reading »

We all know all too well that getting a traffic ticket proverbially hurts.  And now the sting just got a bit more painful. Effective July 1, 2015, base fines for most traffic infractions will increase by $12. This monetary bump is the largest since 2007, and is said to be initiated so as to help… Continue Reading »