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Nearly 100,000 automatic (camera) traffic tickets issued in Seattle for school zone and at red light violations were never reviewed by the Seattle Police Department. Continue Reading »

Will Washington follow California’s lead in creating a digital driver’s license? Currently California has implemented a pilot program where 1.5 million authorized residents can download a CA DMV (Washington is DOL) Wallet app. There are many locations – such as the Los Angeles International Airport – that now accept mobile/ digital driver’s licenses. Since things… Continue Reading »

Over the past year law enforcement has not enforced laws against failing to yield to school buses with their stop signs extended. Why? Because the cameras affixed to the buses to observe and monitor such action have gone unchecked. Ostensibly this has allowed hundreds to avoid receiving a spendy $500 ticket for violating the law.… Continue Reading »

  With the winter firmly now upon us, drivers best take care to ensure that they drive safely on our roadways or face the prospect of being ticketed by law enforcement. One person did not quite understand that principle when they decided to drive for more than 5 miles with both their vehicle and their… Continue Reading »

  Tickets, tickets, tickets – Seattle Municipal Court (‘SMC’) again wants its stipend of money. Hence, the time has come to pay all those parking, red-light camera and other miscellaneous traffic tickets that have being doled out in-and-around the City of Seattle. Late fees are again going to be charged by SMC.  The pandemic induced… Continue Reading »

Cars, cars, cars … it seems everyone in Washington State has one. The state knows this fact all too well, and uses our unfettered love of cars as a needed revenue source. Case in point, Friday the State of Washington will be increasing a number of vehicle fees, the lot of which will be applied… Continue Reading »

Earlier this month the Washington State Patrol proclaimed that drivers are refusing to stop for state law enforcement agents at unprecedented levels. Could these failures to stop be connected to last year’s passage of House Bill 1054, which, among other things, barred high-speed pursuits except in very limited circumstances? Probably, yes. HB 1054 included a… Continue Reading »

Prosecutors in Washington State are cracking down on criminal traffic offenses due to a massive surge in traffic fatalities. Last year alone, fatalities were up 10.5% from 2020. Traffic fatality numbers were at their highest levels since 2005. Many blame this surge on the roadways getting filled up again after a precipitous decline in traffic… Continue Reading »

As luck would have it for those financially challenged, the Seattle Municipal Court is now offering hearings for low-income people who cannot afford to pay their court debt for overdue infraction fines and fees. The hearing permits for an opportunity to explain a person’s financial situation and ask that their fines be reduced and/or removed… Continue Reading »

Late last year, California apparently became the first state in our union to file felony charges against someone for operating a vehicle while on Autopilot. Autopilot is a Tesla automated driving system. The incident took place in 2019. The vehicle at issue was – in fact – a Tesla. The Tesla ran a red light,… Continue Reading »