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Governor Inslee recently signed a new law that makes it more likely that anyone who runs a red light, speeds through a work zone or fails to stop at a crosswalk will be ticketed. The new law allows for cities and counties to deploy traffic cameras in more places so as to crack down on… Continue Reading »

Ever wonder if you can get charged with a crime for simply speeding? Well, the answer is under certain circumstances, yes. Case in point, a youngster was caught going a whopping 161 mph on Interstate 82 this past Monday. The man was spotted and tracked by a WSP aerial patrol unit near Locust Grove Road. … Continue Reading »

The emphasis patrols were initiated because there have be a spat of calls regarding ‘shots fired’ on I-5. Continue Reading »

Should officers be permitted to review body camera footage before writing their reports and/or making statements to investigators? Continue Reading »

Seattle Public Schools had been in talks with the Seattle City Attorney’s Office, Seattle Municipal Court and Seattle Police Department to take up the task of reviewing the tickets, with the goal of resuming enforcement late this year. But to date, nothing has been agreed upon. Continue Reading »

Nearly 100,000 automatic (camera) traffic tickets issued in Seattle for school zone and at red light violations were never reviewed by the Seattle Police Department. Continue Reading »

Will Washington follow California’s lead in creating a digital driver’s license? Currently California has implemented a pilot program where 1.5 million authorized residents can download a CA DMV (Washington is DOL) Wallet app. There are many locations – such as the Los Angeles International Airport – that now accept mobile/ digital driver’s licenses. Since things… Continue Reading »

Over the past year law enforcement has not enforced laws against failing to yield to school buses with their stop signs extended. Why? Because the cameras affixed to the buses to observe and monitor such action have gone unchecked. Ostensibly this has allowed hundreds to avoid receiving a spendy $500 ticket for violating the law.… Continue Reading »

  With the winter firmly now upon us, drivers best take care to ensure that they drive safely on our roadways or face the prospect of being ticketed by law enforcement. One person did not quite understand that principle when they decided to drive for more than 5 miles with both their vehicle and their… Continue Reading »

  Tickets, tickets, tickets – Seattle Municipal Court (‘SMC’) again wants its stipend of money. Hence, the time has come to pay all those parking, red-light camera and other miscellaneous traffic tickets that have being doled out in-and-around the City of Seattle. Late fees are again going to be charged by SMC.  The pandemic induced… Continue Reading »