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Earlier this month a woman in Bellevue was arrested for DUI. That fact alone isn’t too news worthy. What is news worthy, however, is that the woman ended up grabbing a hatchet from her car. She did this after she ran her car into two other vehicles and got into a confrontation with a witness… Continue Reading »

An infrastructure bill awaiting a pivotal vote in the US Senate would require new cars to have technology to detect drunk drivers. Backers of the bill claim the anti-drunken driving provisions would drastically reduce the number of automotive deaths that occur on our U.S. roadways. The provisions of the proposed bill order NHTSA to study… Continue Reading »

The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Act (hereinafter referred to as, the “Act”) legislates who is authorized to enter and/or travel into the great white north — Canada. Under the Act, no person who has been deemed to have committed an “Indictable Offense” may enter Canada unless he has been found to have been “Rehabilitated.” Even… Continue Reading »