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June DUI emphasis patrols kicked off Washington’s “100 Safe Days of Summer” campaign. The 2022 campaign involves law enforcement agencies deploying increased patrols throughout the summer to keep our roadways safe. The campaign is part of a collaboration with WSP’s Target Zero Task Force. It is aimed at explaining the dangers of summer driving and… Continue Reading »

Officers can sometimes come upon some crazy situations when pulling a driver over for DUI. The proof is in the pudding, as they say … or in one recent DUI stop in Pennsylvania … the proof was in the trunk – a live deer! Say what?? The Newberry Township officer stopped the vehicle last week.… Continue Reading »

When a person is convicted of DUI, he is required to only drive vehicles outfitted with an ignition interlock device (which is a device that detects alcohol on a person’s breath and/or in his lungs). This is true even if the DUI didn’t involve alcohol, i.e. marijuana or prescription drugs. Why would you need an… Continue Reading »

The 2013 Washington Impaired Driving Work Group delivered a 152-page report on Monday of this week. The report suggested that Washington state should continue its fight against drunken driving by increasing penalties and establishing random sobriety checkpoints. The group who wrote the report considered 11 specific ideas for reducing DUIs, ranking them according to overall… Continue Reading »

There were a lot of changes this past Legislative session with regard to our Washington state DUI laws; there were some significant changes in Washington State’s DUI laws that every resident and driver in Washington State should understand and become familiar with. The new laws went into effect on September 28, 2013. Some of these new laws are as follows:… Continue Reading »

The attorneys at SQ attorneys frequently get asked why Washington DUI laws appear to be so draconian.  After all, many, if not most, people that get arrested for DUI do not have any criminal history and they are stopped after having a few drinks with friends over dinner, or while watching a sporting event or… Continue Reading »

Although there have not been a lot of posted alerts or notices this year about increased DUI patrols during Seafair weekend, it can only be presumed that it is yet again — tis’ the season for BUI/ DUI emphasis patrols. As in years past, Washington State law-enforcement agencies will undoubtedly be patrolling Lake Washington, and… Continue Reading »