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As luck would have it for those financially challenged, the Seattle Municipal Court is now offering hearings for low-income people who cannot afford to pay their court debt for overdue infraction fines and fees. The hearing permits for an opportunity to explain a person’s financial situation and ask that their fines be reduced and/or removed… Continue Reading »

Get vaccinated or lose their job – that was the decision many members of the Washington State Patrol (‘WSP‘) had to make. Well, as of a week ago 127 WSP employees had separated – in one format or another – from their positions with WSP. Of those employees, 67 were troopers. The question is, was… Continue Reading »

When bad luck hits, it can really take the wind out of your sails. There is no better example of that than what a 21 year old Ferndale man recently endured – 3 DUI arrests over a 4 day period in Skagit and Whatcom Counties. It started with a March 8th DUI arrest in Whatcom… Continue Reading »

There is no doubt that people do all sorts of goofy things when they are inebriated, that goes without saying. But calling 911 to report yourself driving under the influence? That takes a special kind of goofy, right? Well in a stranger than fiction type of moment that is exactly what happened last month in… Continue Reading »

Are DUI Check Points becoming closer to reality in Washington State? Well, last month an impromptu discussion on the topic arose during a presentation to the Washington State Transportation Commission on traffic fatalities. The issue was raised because one of the Commission’s members had just experienced a checkpoint while visiting Hawaii, and asked if Washington… Continue Reading »

As of the New Year, drivers in 5 Washington counties/ municipalities that are found to be under the influence for a second or subsequent time will face tougher punishment. The 24/7 DUI Monitoring Program will take place in: Chelan County, Spokane County, and Thurston County, as well as in the cities of Kent and Centralia. Drivers… Continue Reading »

Getting a DUI in Washington State is not the end of the world. Just ask a Spokane police sergeant who was fired in 2009 after driving drunk while off duty; the officer hit a pickup and he thereafter left the scene of the accident. Word has it that now the officer is not only likely… Continue Reading »