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When does the affirmative defense of ‘safely off the roadway’ apply? Well, it doesn’t apply to the crime of driving under the influence (RCW 46.61.502), which surprises some people. It only applies to being in physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence (RCW 46.61.504). According to WPIC 92.15, ‘safely off the roadway’… Continue Reading »

Technology is always advancing. That truth is no different in the field of DUI defense. As has been the case since cars and alcohol/ drugs collided, technology to reduce drunken driving continues to evolve. What sometimes slows the progress down, however, is all the bureaucratic ‘red tape’. Notwithstanding the foregoing, earlier this month the Automotive… Continue Reading »

Notwithstanding the fact that Covid – 19 has us all on lock-down, people are still getting stopped and cited for DUI … and the courts and the prosecutors are still processing DUI cases in real time. Case in point: on May 16, 2020 at approximately 3:15 AM a King County Sheriff’s Deputy was driving in… Continue Reading »

Even with the continuing spread of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic – and the ever increasing clamp down to keep people out of the public to curb its spread – law enforcement is still doing DUI emphasis patrols in-and-around the state of Washington. Case in point, WSP’s ‘No Refusal Weekend’ on March 13-15 in Clark County.… Continue Reading »

2020 has begun and there has been no shortage of DUI arrests since the beginning of the new year. New numbers released by the Washington State Patrol show that as of last week 200 drivers have been arrested for suspicion of DUI in just King, Pierce, and Thurston counties alone; and those numbers are only… Continue Reading »

It is a well-known fact that in Washington State ignition interlock devices (IID) are required if a person is convicted for DUI. The amount of time an IID must be on a vehicle depends on whether the driver does (or does not) have a prior offense. For first time offenders, they must maintain an IID… Continue Reading »

As if it weren’t already immensely difficult to get into Canada after being convicted of a DUI or Physical Control in Washington State, in 2018 the Canadians took it upon themselves to make it even more difficult. Last year Canada amended its criminal code to create more significant consequences for those convicted of DUI. The… Continue Reading »

When things are bad, it is always a good idea to not compound the situation with another bad decision. Apparently, one Pennsylvania woman didn’t get the memo, as she was arrested for drunk driving after police say she showed up at their station ‘under the influence’ coming to pick up her boyfriend, who had also… Continue Reading »

Last week the Washington State Supreme Court elected to uphold citizen privacy rights and struck down “Hailey’s Law” (RCW 46.55.360) as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. Prior to this landmark decision, anyone arrested in Washington State for driving under the influence (or physical control) automatically had their car impounded for a minimum of 12 hours.… Continue Reading »

It seems that with every holiday, Washington State law enforcement compiles and disseminates the state’s driving under the influence (“DUI”) numbers related to the same. This past Labor Day was no exception. On Tuesday Troopers with the Washington State Patrol (“WSP”) released data on the number of DUI arrests made over our sunny Labor Day… Continue Reading »