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As Western Washingtonians may have recently noticed, there are new highway signs going up all around the region. The first set of highway signs cover I-5 from the Boeing Access Road to the I-90 intersection, and are set to be officially lit up at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, August 10, 2010. There are at least… Continue Reading »

There are a total of four “degrees” of Assault in Washington State — First, Second, Third and Fourth. First Degree Assault is the most offensive assault in Washington. Conversely, Fourth Degree Assault is the least offensive assault in Washington. Interestingly, under certain circumstances, a “self defense” claim can vitiate an assault allegation notwithstanding its degree.… Continue Reading »

Everyone always hears about terms such as insurance fraud, but very few people really understand just how easily someone can be victimized and it be made to look like it was actually the victim’s fault. Because it’s sometimes hard for officers to determine what actually happened in a collision after the fact, there are some… Continue Reading »