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Ever wonder if you can get charged with a crime for simply speeding? Well, the answer is under certain circumstances, yes. Case in point, a youngster was caught going a whopping 161 mph on Interstate 82 this past Monday. The man was spotted and tracked by a WSP aerial patrol unit near Locust Grove Road. … Continue Reading »

What are a person’s obligations if they happen to hit someone else’s property with their car? The answer lies in RCW 46.52.010. Under subsection (2) of that Washington statute, a driver involved in an accident which results in damage to property (whether fixed or placed upon or adjacent to any public highway; regardless of how… Continue Reading »

On Saturday Washington launched a website where those convicted of drug possession between 1971 and 2021 can request a refund for any court fines, fees and other related costs they paid. See www.courts.wa.gov/blake. Why? Because Washington’s Supreme Court found that its drug possession laws were unconstitutional during that period. The law has since been fixed… Continue Reading »

With thefts on the rise, some retailers have elected to ratchet security measures up a bit. Over the past six months stores such as CVS, Target, Rite Aid and Walmart have resorted to locking up more everyday items like deodorant and laundry detergent in the hopes of curbing the rising number of thefts in their… Continue Reading »

State v. Blake resulted in records being cleared for those convicted under Washington’s felony drug possession laws. The Supreme Court found the state’s ban on simple drug possession was unconstitutional because it didn’t require proof that a person knowingly possessed illegal drugs. Of course, the flaw in the law has been somewhat fixed by the… Continue Reading »

Domestic Violence victim’s rights have been slightly expanded in Washington State, as Governor Inslee signed into law a bill (SB 5612) that gives domestic violence victims, and/or their survivors, the right to make a statement during sentencing hearings. The new law goes into effect on June 9, 2022. Previously the right to speak at sentencing… Continue Reading »

Domestic violence can come in many forms. The Washington State Supreme Court confirmed that last week when it unanimously ruled that animal abuse can, and does, constitute domestic violence. The high court confirmed that a Tukwila man did, in fact, commit domestic violence when he savagely beat his girlfriend’s dog to death. Ultimately, the justices… Continue Reading »

Earlier this week King County Executive Dow Constantine announced the commencement of a nationwide search for our next King County sheriff. Regardless of this move, the current King County sheriff refuses to resign. Previously, King County’s sheriff was an elected position decided by voters. However, a slew of charter amendments approved during 2020’s election changed… Continue Reading »

Over the next two weeks law enforcement officers are going to spend extra time focused on looking for distracted drivers. The emphasis patrols started the week of July 28th and will run through the first week of August. This emphasis is part of the uniquely named Driving Under the Influence of Electronics law, passed in… Continue Reading »

As the pandemic rages on in King County, so too do some types of crimes. Case in point – Car-jackings. They are up 40% in King County. Unfortunately, with this type of crime, violence is often involved. For example – last Saturday, shots were fired during an attempted carjacking and on Tuesday a man in… Continue Reading »