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Hate Crime is a very hot topic these days. In line with that, Washington State plans to establish a non-police hotline to assist people who claim to have been targeted by hate crimes and bias incidents. Senate Bill 5427 assures that this is to take place, something that had failed to be passed during last… Continue Reading »

New laws were introduced with the ringing in of 2024. Continue Reading »

New toxicology lab to expedite blood testing. Last month Governor Inslee commemorated the opening of the new lab in Federal Way; The new lab cost taxpayers about $4.5 million. Continue Reading »

The judge got innovative, however, and sentenced the customer to work at a fast-food job to avoid serving further jail time on the assault charge. Continue Reading »

Will Washington follow California’s lead in creating a digital driver’s license? Currently California has implemented a pilot program where 1.5 million authorized residents can download a CA DMV (Washington is DOL) Wallet app. There are many locations – such as the Los Angeles International Airport – that now accept mobile/ digital driver’s licenses. Since things… Continue Reading »

In November 2022, one of Washington’s Court of Appeals dropped a weapons surrender order on a Kitsap County second degree assault case involving a no contact order finding that it violated not only the defendant’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures but also forced him to incriminate himself.  This is so… Continue Reading »

A few weeks back U.S. News & World Report announced that it has elected to change how it ranks law schools. The decision to change came in response to some top schools announcing they were boycotting the magazine’s ranking system. Changes to the rankings system include an increased weight for school-funded fellowships, and student achievements,… Continue Reading »

Cybercrime is on the rise. Cybersecurity companies have warned that cybercrime in gaming has increased substantially since the start of the Pandemic, as cybercriminals seek to steal people’s personal information through, among other places, virtual gaming sites. Gaming software is vulnerable because developers are not hired to create secure software. They are hired to deliver… Continue Reading »

Recently, Seattle made interference with someone’s health care a crime. In short, discriminating against someone for seeking or receiving an abortion is now deemed a misdemeanor crime in Seattle. The law was enacted to further the City’s efforts to preserver reproductive rights locally after federal protections were gutted by the US Supreme Court earlier this… Continue Reading »

Seattle Community Court will now officially have one less participant, the chronic offender. As blogged about last week, the City Attorney made a formal request that the Seattle Municipal Court exclude chronic offenders from its community court track. On Monday, the seven judges that sit for the Seattle Municipal Court agreed to honor her request.… Continue Reading »